Pallet Racking Repairs

Proactive Equipment provides a pallet racking maintenance and repair service to clients across Australia. Pallet rack repair is needed in most warehouses and distribution centres due to damage from the impact of forklifts and reach-trucks. This pallet rack damage usually occurs at lower levels, compromising the integrity of the pallet racking structure.

Proactive Equipment offers a pallet rack repair service to repair pallet racking and protect it from rack failures or rack collapses.

The pressure to maintain continuous product flow often overrides replacement of damaged pallet racks. Our trained installers can dismantle and replace faulty and damaged components restoring the racking to serviceable condition. we repair most brands of pallet racking with OEM or compatible components.

To further ensure rack safety, Proactive Equipment offers a wide range of rack safety products that installed by our trained personnel. Proactive Equipment consultants can develop a scheduled maintenance inspection program, to ensure pallet rack system longevity and safety.  An ongoing program can save money and alleviate costly downtime in any warehouse or distribution centre.