R3 First Aid Kit Range – Proactive Equipment

Proactive Equipment supply the Fast Aid R3 First Aid Kit Range to all areas across Australia. The R3 Range is specially designed to be the central kit for larger sites or workplaces where multiple kits are required. The R3 range is fully compliant with 2016 Workplace Health & Safety First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice requirements for vehicles.

The R3 Range exceeds the requirements of AS2675-1983 (Size B) and fully ARTG Registered No. 128314

“Where there are separate work areas (for example, a number of buildings on a site, or multiple floors in an office building), it may be appropriate to locate first aid facilities centrally and provide First Aid Kits in each work
area. This may include portable First Aid Kits in motor vehicles and other separate work areas.”
Source: 2016 First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice, SafeWork Australia, Section 2.2