The patented design and unique use of materials means that Rack Armour can provide you with benefits not gained from traditional protection devices.

  • Ergonomic design and close fit ensures minimal intrusion into pallet space
  • State of the art materials effective down to - 40 degrees - cold store safe
  • No fixing or bolts to be ripped off or to damage floors or racking
  • Designed to have persistence of shape to ensure ongoing protection
  • High visibility yellow as standard with any colour available ( subject to min)
  • Fully transferable if you have a re-fit or move premises
  • Three sizes to ensure Rack Armour will fit most types of racking
  • Installs in seconds, simply "clips" onto your existing racking
  • Impervious to acid, alkali, mould, rust and most solvents
  • Fully tested for front and side impacts
  • Fitting service available

Rack Armour Pallet Column Protector

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