Proper floor marking can make your business more efficient, streamline processes, and even protect workers from harm, this is where SafetyTac® shines. Durable yet simple to apply, SafetyTac® floor tapes won't wear out, even in facilities with heavy forklift traffic, extreme temperatures, or caustic chemicals. That means less downtime, fewer costs, and happier employees!

SafetyTac floor marking tape is designed to withstand the tough conditions of an industrial workplace.

SafetyTac's resilient material holds up to traffic and spills, and its reinforced rubber-based adhesive keeps it in place, so it will get the job done for a long time. SafetyTac's dual-stage tapered edges prevent the tape from getting caught on wheels or pallets.

That means vehicles can easily slide over the tape without causing damage. SafetyTac also has a low profile, so it won’t make walking surfaces uneven. No need to worry about pedestrians tripping.

Key Features;

  • Made from 0.9mm wear-resistant rigid Shore D50 PVC
  • Dual-stage bevelled edge
  • Extremely durable dual-sided cloth adhesive
  • Application temperature, 4.5°C to 32°C
  • Service temperature -18°C to 54°C
  • Available in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm widths x 30-metre roll
  • Available in Yellow, Red and Green, other colours available to order
  • Installation available
Order online today or contact us on 1300 553 371 to discuss your requirements. we offer a free measure and quote in most areas.

SafetyTac® Floor Tape

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