Trek Nem Scoop Stretcher.
  • Extremely lightweight high density polyethylene construction with aluminium frame
  • Un-lockable aluminium coupling coth end for smooth scooping of spinal injury patients in a scissor type motion
  • Aluminium construction with un- lockable couplings both ends for scooping spinal injury patients in a scissor type motion.
  • Four adjustable lengths with quick locking pins allow the lend to be adjusted to fit patients
  • Includes 3 tether straps with fast locking buckles for rapid securing of patients
  • Non porous surface is impervious to bodily fluids
  • Dimensions Longest- 162 (L) X 44.5 (W) X 7 (H) Shortest- 120 (L) X 44.5 (W) X 7 (H)

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Trek Nem Scoop Stretcher

Trek Nem Scoop Stretcher

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