Trek Prs Rescue Stretcher.
  • The easiest and most versatile type of stretcher available, the PRS Rescue Stretcher is a new edition to the Trek range designed to make rescue operations easier and safer.
  • Rigid composite plastic sheet for ultimate durability and strength, suitable for use in harsh weather conditions from -20℃ to 45℃.
  • Rigidity is maintained whilst the stretcher is folded around the patient, and is also suitable for vertical and horizontal lifting
  • Includes carry handles, patient restraints, listing slings and equipment and a carry bag for convenience.
  • Able to easily traverse terrain by simply pulling the stretcher along the ground with the patient safely restrained.
  • Weight 11.5 KG
  • Load limit 159 Kg

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Trek Prs Rescue Stretcher

Trek Prs Rescue Stretcher

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